Shipping & payment conditions

Shippings costs and delivery time
Shipping costs depend on weight and dimensional weight.
Please find below shipping costs and delivery time for Germay and EU countries. The additional max. lead time for EU countries has to be added to the delivery time as stated in product information.
Country of destination Shipping costs Additional max. lead time

up to 500 g: 3,50 €
up to 2 kg: 4,90 €
> 2kg: 6,90 €

As stated in product description.
EU countries

up to 500 g: 7,00 €
up to 2 kg: 9,50 €
up to 5 kg: 15,80 €
up to 10 kg: 22,00 €
up to 20 kg: 35,00 €
up to 30 kg: 48,00 €

+ 2 days as stated in product description.

Products with different lead times will be sent in one shipment only. In that case the product with the longest delivery time is taken as basis for the delivery period.

Calculation of delivery time
If you pay by bank transfer, delivery period starts at the day after placing the transfer order. If you choose other payment methods, delivery period starts with conclusion of contract.
Delivery time expires at the end of the last day as stated in product description. If the day of delivery deadline is a sunday or holiday in the destination country, delivery time expires at the end of the next working day.

Payment methods


Zahlung per PayPal PLUS

PayPal Plus is an online payment service that allows you to pay by PayPal, credit card or direct debit.
Credit card and direct debit is a PayPal service of handling of payments  - you don't need a PayPal account.
  • Safe: Your credit card and bank information are kept secure.
  • Fast: Generally we receive a confirmation of payment within minutes.

Bank transfer / money order

Payment by bank transfer. Please note your name and order number. My bank information will be forwarded by e-mail.